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What to do if You Get a Bogus IRS Letter

March 25, 2024

You get a collection letter from the IRS, but it doesn’t seem right. What do you do now?

The worst thing you can do is call the IRS.

The IRS representative is likely one of the new 80,000 representatives who does not know the tax law or the IRM and all they know how to do is to intimidate you and get you to pay over monies or possibly liquidate your assets.

The IRM is a manual that the IRS representatives are supposed to go by. It has rules and regulations that govern how the IRS is supposed to act. The IRS representatives do not follow the IRM at all. All they want to do is collect monies. They are untrained and unsupervised.

high income tax earner businessman in suit

One example is a taxpayer who had an IRS approved installment agreement for $200 a month. The taxpayer has made all payments in time. The IRS knew that but sent out a Notice of Intent to Levy anyway threatening the taxpayer with a bank levy. This is against the IRM and the law. 

Another example is a taxpayer who owes money and has applied for an installment agreement. Per the IRM the IRS is forbidden to levy in that case. The IRS knows that yet still sent threatening letters of Notice of Intent to Levy hoping the taxpayer becomes frightened and liquidates his assets to make an IRS payment. This is against the IRM and the law.

Here is one more. A taxpayer decided to go to the local IRS office to try to work out his tax problems. The IRS had sent a Notice of Intent to Levy. The IRS told him he needed to sell his house and find an apartment because his house was better than the houses the IRS agents have. If not, they would seize his house and through him out on the street, The IRS does not care. This taxpayer has serious medical issues and likely would die it he was forced to move by an IRS seizure. This is against the IRM and the law.

What’s the moral of all this?

If you get a letter don’t overreact. Obtain some professional help. Don’t handle it yourself! Call Philip Garnett Tax Resolution to get some experience help here. Don’ t let the IRS destroy you! Contact us today, give us a call at 360-623-1375!



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