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IRS High Income Tax Payers

March 25, 2024

The IRS and their new 80,000 untrained and unsupervised representatives have a new goal. 

The goal is high income taxpayers.

The IRS definition of high income is anyone who makes over $80,000 a year. Especially if you are a non-filer, you are on their target. So, if you haven’t filed for a few years and make over $100,000 a year you need to file those returns now and get set up with an IRS approved compromise plan.

high income tax earner businessman in suit

Of course, there are crooks out there who are trying to hide money from the IRS.

They deserve to be caught and punished. However, if you simply forgot to file you don’t need to be thrown in with the crooks. Let’s get it handled! Call Philip Garnett Tax Resolution today at 360-623-1375 and get started to protect yourself!

Here’s an example! Two former New York police officers started a private security business to provide security personnel to high schools, colleges and businesses in their area. In five years, they grossed over five million dollars. They did not file payroll taxes and set the business up as a cash business. They paid their employees in cash too. They split the remaining cash of approximately 1.3 million dollars but did not report the income on their tax returns. They owe the IRS over $500,000 each and are now in jail for six months.

So maybe you can see the IRS has a dilemma.

They have 80,000 new untrained unsupervised representatives and they must catch people like that. So, they have become harsh and demanding. So, it is very important to come into compliance now and get those returns filed. Pay and file those payroll tax returns too!

Philip Garnett Tax Resolution is an excellent solution for you. If you are missing some past income records, we can obtain them from the IRS for you. Contact us today, give us a call at 360-623-1375! and get some help! The quicker you comply the better it will go for you, and you will not be viewed as fraudulent or a crook!



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