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Tax Levy: What Should I Do?

December 20, 2023

Tax Levy – Notice of Intent, What Do I Do?

What if I get a notice of intent to levy from the IRS? 

This is serious business, and it can’t be ignored. The IRS is getting very aggressive now and will certainly levy your bank account or your wages or if self employed the person who pays you. For example, if you are a fisherman and work on a boat the IRS will notify the one who pays you and force them to withhold a portion of your wages. If they don’t the IRS will come after them for the monies. They probably will not use you anymore and find another fisherman. 

business man discussing tax levy

Suppose you are in real estate. The IRS will notify your broker that they need to withhold part of your commissions. So, if you sell a house, you will see your commission reduced or maybe eliminated. If the broker doesn’t comply the IRS will get the money from the broker. Where does that leave you? Why would the broker want a salesperson who causes them grief? So, what is the solution here? Do not ignore this and do not handle it yourself. There is an appeal process that can be used if you do not feel you owe the money. If you do owe the money the IRS can set up a payment plan for you with expert guidance. This is a highly specialized appeal and the one who helps you needs to know how to do it properly. 

The IRS’s job is to collect money for the government. When the IRS issues a Notice of Intent to Levy it means they are frustrated with you, and they want to get paid. There is no reason to get angry with the IRS, they are just doing their job.

The worst thing you can do is to procrastinate and ignore it. That never solves anything. You are on the IRS radar now and they are looking at you closely. It is important to get yourself off the IRS radar. The IRS is becoming very aggressive because their job is to collect money for the IRS

First, we need to determine if you really do owe any money at all.

If the levy involves a penalty, the penalty can be appealed. Perhaps it is a legitimate debt, however it is not really your debt. All this can be handled by accessing your IRS transcripts to discover the real nature of the IRS debt. Remember the IRS is not perfect, and they do make mistakes like we all do.

You need qualified representation and Philip Garnett Tax Resolution is highly experienced at dealing with the IRS. We are a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, and this is your best plan is to hire someone to help you with the proper credentials. 

 Sometimes we can get the levy withdrawn under certain circumstances. There are various ways to do this.  So don’t handle this yourself. Contact us today, give us a call at 360-623-1375!

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