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What Can I Do If I Get A Notice From ACS?

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February 27, 2024

What can I do if I get a notice from ACS? This is usually an IRS letter and a demand for payment with a 1-800 number to call. 

Please keep in mind the reason ACS wants to collect money for the IRS.

ACS employees are generally new IRS employees who are not trained very well. The result may well be to refer your account to a Revenue Officer so the IRS can act against you. It may be a levy on your bank account or possibly a lien on your real estate. 

Taxes Owed ACS Contacted

ACS employees generally are not aware of the IRS regulations and usually are just reading a script.

They do not have the answers to any questions you may have, however they are trained to gather information about you to turn your case over to a Revenue Officer. They, like Revenue Officers, are not always truthful in what they say either and may try to trip you up with various questions to be used against you. 

The worst thing you can do is to talk to them.

You may acknowledge their phone call and tell them you are obtaining representation. Don’t hang up or be rude either.

It must be pointed out that ACS regularly transcends the IRS code. Many times, they don’t work for the IRS for very long either. They are not there to help you in any way. Their job is to get you to agree to pay through a payment plan you simply cannot afford so you end up defaulting. At that point the IRS will take stronger action and will possibly not let you set up a payment plan you can live with. ACS does not care about you in any way. You will not know what to say to them or how to negotiate. Your representative will know how to do that

What does this all mean? This is not a do-it-yourself project. You need to engage a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist like Philip Garnett Tax Resolution to handle your issue. Philip Garnett is will familiar with the IRS IRM and has the courage and knowledge to deal with these Revenue Officers for your benefit. Contact us today, give us a call at 360-623-1375!


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